Late afternoon light ensure a memorable photo opportunity in Stellenbosch 

The Ultimate wine tour
For those wishing to understand the wine culture of South Africa just know that not all wine tours are equal!
South Africa is blessed with an abundance of wine regions and wine cultivars. For a first time visitor, the likelihood of gaining a good understanding of the dynamics of the wine industry is uncertain. Golden Cape Tours has therefore designed a tour specifically to ensure that any guest will leave with an enhanced understanding of the process of turning grapes into the nectar of the gods!


Babylonstoren mountain

The 5 stages of this process will be explained by:
1. Walking the land and seeing the vines, the soils and management of the vineyards first hand.
2. Visiting a working winery and walking through the entire production cycle which if in season, we will experience the pressing of the grapes, the vinification, storage, cellaring and bottling. This will be followed by a tasting at the venue which will include champagne styled wines.

The history of Muratie showing the owners.

Muratie is the oldest winery in the region with ownership memorialized outside the cellar

3. Exploring the evolution and history of wine making and discussing the manner in which wineries add value to the environment with a visit to a recreated wine farm as well as an authentic wine farm dating back to 1699. We taste their wines including port.

The barrel cellar

Millions of Rands of wine quietly turning into red gold!

4. We visit a modern winery that has a mini vineyard at their entrance with all the vines planted represented. All the knowledge learned will be used to enjoy the final tasting in the heart of the Winelands.

Cobwebs and stained glass

The ancient stain glass window at the tasting centre

5. The history of wine making is explored by a visit to an ancient wine farm, a walk through a recreated Cape farm, a visit to the village of a corner of France. We will also have circumnavigated the Cape Winelands to ensure as much exposure to the areas of Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch as possible in a single day!
During the course of the day, your host will offer you insights into the challenges faced by wine makers as well as the regions which offer the best opportunities for great wines. Anecdotes about growing up in Cape Town will enthrall and hopefully amuse you.

Wineries visited include Villiera, Muratie, Babylonstoren, La Motte and Tokara.

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