For those of you who are considering visiting the Western Cape and Cape Town in particular, there is no better time than now!

The biting drought is to all intent and purposes a thing of the past. The good rainfalls of this past winter have replenished our precious dams. Though water rationing is still in place, it is a mere formality to ensure that the huge water saving efforts Capetonians have managed is continued by means of a non- wasteful approach. All hospitality providers have embraced this initiative and you will still be urged to conserve water where possible. Our water has always been safe and is perfectly drinkable and will not run out.

The country has also recently had a change of government leader though the ruling party has remained in power. This change has resulted in a far sharper focus of economic drivers of revenue and tourism has been singled out as a major contributor in terms of money spent and job provision, onerous visa and other negative measures are being rapidly phased out. There is also a new found appetite to combat corruption and graft.

As a guest you will be assured of a safe and enjoyable experience in our magnificent city irrespective of your budget or personal needs. The myriad of establishments are extremely safety conscious as we consider our guests to be precious and essential to our continued success. Whilst there are certain basic safety tips to follow (like anywhere else in the world) The extensively frequented landmarks as well as the lesser known places are safe if you use your common sense.

In terms of value for money, very few other cities compare to the Fairest Cape, especially with our local currency feeling the brunt of the emerging market negativity. If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to mix your itininery with the well – known attractions as well as the lesser frequented places. This is best achieved by making use of an accredited guide who will ensure that you have the experience you, as a guest deserves.

The Table Mountain cable car is a must, as is a trip to Kirstenbosch gardens. Robben Island is another essential stop, however be warned that this can be a tricky proposition due to various factors. It is, I believe, essential to for first time visitors to do a day trip around the Peninsula usually via a luxury van or passenger vehicle. The circuitous route will invariably include Hout Bay, Chapmans Peak, Cape Point, Boulders, Simonstown and if time permits a stop at Kirstenbosch and/or Groot Constantia. Helicopter flights are also a wonderful way of exploring the peninsula.

Another essential day trip would be to explore the Cape Winelands which has the perfect combination of wine, great food, magnificent scenery as well as something different if required. Ironically the drought has ensured excellent grape quality, with some sublime wines. Trips are easily planned for your maximum enjoyment if you wish to find those really special wines.

There is also another aspect of Cape Town which is becoming incredibly popular which is adventure activities which can range from kayaking in the sea( craft and guides provided of course) through to surfing lessons(qualified instructor) Mountain biking, absailing, paragliding and even mountain hiking and trail walking.

Cape Town has top class golf courses for those who may wish to swing a club. Fortunately clubs are available for rental and we will be honoured to assist with the details.

Whilst I could wax lyrical forever about the myriad of activities, I would rather engage with you directly to offer and experience perfect for your needs. This can arranged as a Bespoke tour whereby you are guided by myself for the entire trip or you could elect to use my services for specific excursions, no matter what I would love you to Be My Guest!

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