Our Story

The company was established by the owner /operator to offer a unique and specialized service for those who seek a bespoke experience of the Western Cape wine lands. The knowledge and enthusiasm of myself, Trevor Gray, combined with the beauty and diverse offerings ensure for a memorable and wonderful experience. Due to the exceptional diversity and quality of the various wine farms, it is essential to personalize the visit to ensure a worthwhile excursion which is my speciality. Once you have booked, I will ensure the best possible experience based on your interests and budget. We have the option of a half day tour which will visit two local farms( time permitting ) a full day tour which will incorporate at least 3 farms with an activity which will either be a unique offering or a great lunch in the heart of wine country. For those that are visiting for longer, the 3 day tour is perfect for exploring the more diverse areas a little further afield. This option will include a stay in the region and daily short travels to selected wineries. This can be tailored to your interests. Additional activities will be included to ensure you the guest have an excellent experience.

Trevor Gray

After many years in the hospitality industry and thereafter in the food service industry I fulfilled my passion for wine by means of sales and marketing of this noble gift from nature in various capacities. I have subsequently combined my love for wine with the belief that South African wines, and the Cape deserve to be showcased to its fullest potential. As your host, I have a hands on approach and will plan each tour accordingly. I have a wine club which meets monthly and have an affinity for the outdoors

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