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Constantia Valley


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A great way to tour the Durbanville winelands

There are many locals who overlook the valley when it comes to venturing into the wine lands. It therefore comes as no surprise that international visitors also miss the opportunity to enjoy this special place. In many ways this is surprising as the valley is close...

The Valley Wine Experience

The Valley Wine Experience is a unique and interesting way of exploring the wineries in a particular region. The first event was recently conducted in the Durbanville valley and was a huge success.This experience is like no other due to the fact that the enjoyment of...


The very popular Babylonstoren is well worth a visit. The layout is a testament to the original gardens established in Cape Town in the mid 1650’s. the combination of vegetable gardens, fruit orchards and vineyards are a splendid showcase which the mountain peak of Babylonstoren dominates. There is much to do with wine, food venues, a scent factory, charcuterie, dough and cheese houses, a hotel as well as a butchery. it is a paradise for children and adults alike. It is an essential place to visit when in Cape Town.

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